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Used Coil COP

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Evo 4-8 Satin
Evo 4-8 Carbon Fiber (+$15.00)
Evo 9 Satin
Evo 9 Carbon Fiber (+$15.00)
Our World Famous Ignition Systems are built with Genuine Denso Ignition Coils, Stainless Steel fasteners, Aluminum spacers, and Carbon Fiber or Satin Black mounting plates. The waterproof harness is constructed from Military Grade Tefzel Teflon wire, Stay-Clean wire sheathing and genuine Connectors. Expect just about every aspect of the car to feel better. Improved throttle response (especially between shifts), little to no cruise partial throttle jerk, stable idle, acceleration is noticeably smoother, gain hp, improved gas mileage and the ability to run a bit more gap. It's like driving a new car, you won't believe the difference. As an added bonus, plug changes take minutes less and there is no worry of breaking those wimpy stock spark plug wires!
* Does not fit under spark plug well cover
* Handle 650+ HP, tested to 800whp
* Plug-n-Play
* Gain HP/TQ (8-20 hp is the norm, mod dependent)
* Greatly reduce or eliminate partial throttle bucking
* Better idle quality
* Acclerates like a new car
* Run more boost
* 4 coils instead of 2
* Hotter spark
* Run more gap for better fuel burn
* Plugs last longer due to less fouling
* No wimpy spark plug wires to worry about
* Plug changes take minutes less
* Increased gas mileage
* Lightest System available
* No problem prone CDI Boxes
* Looks great!
* Non corrosive hardware will keep it looking great!
* Beautiful Carbon Fiber mounting plate
* Directions included
* Tested on my Ignition Test Bench
* 2 Year Warranty on Coils, Lifetime on Workmanship (Harness, Mount Plate, etc)

This system will NOT work with CDI boxes or the HKS DLI. Built with Stock ECU in mind but does work with all AEM EMS systems, Haltech, MegaSquirt and the SunAuto Hyperforce!

Because engines can be swapped, buy a system based on your engine. EG: If you have an EVO 8 with a MIVEC EVO 9 engine, buy an EVO 9 System.

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